Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Making lists, watching films

In the manner of The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, I have decided to make lists. This one is:

10 things that smell nice

  1. rain in the summer
  2. freesias
  3. yarn bought from my local craft shop
  4. cats
  5. fresh coffee
  6. toast
  7. Mr S's forearm
  8. hay (although it sets off my hayfever)
  9. Camden Market
  10. clothes which have ben dried outdoors

Last night I went with L and her sister G to see 'Little Miss Sunshine'. It was really the best film I have seen for a very long time. Good plot, excellent script, very very sad and incredibly funny at once. My only very minor criticism was that at times, it almost descended into slapstick -- but it managed to stay the right side of the line. Highly recommended.

Mr S looked after L's son T while we went out. They watched Batman Begins together on Sky. I've not seen it but from reviews I'd read I thought it might be a bit deep, not to mention violent, for a 9-yr-old (it's rated 12). But they both really enjoyed it and Mr S told me afterwards that it had led them on to quite a philosophical discussion about the nature of good and evil. Just goes to show how much T has grown up. Crikey makes me feel old.

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