Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh dear...

I'm not really very good at this blogging thing. So what's my latest news? Well, we sold the Land Rover and both me and Mr S had a few tears, cos we felt like we were selling our dream. One day we'll have another one, but instead of a V8 we'll get a diesel and run it on chip fat. So now the hunt is on for a R-or-younger Ford Escort Diesel estate. They seem to be like rocking-horse shit at the moment tho.

I'm doing the LighterLife diet and so far I've lost over a stone in 3 weeks so that's pretty cool. Should mean I feel a lot more comfortable with myself in time to go on holiday.

I'm still in Sock Wars but probably not for long, as a very nice lady emailed to say she was about to sock me to death. Watching the post box with trepidation... I've not heard from my target to say she's had her socks, but then she's not posted anything on the forum either so perhaps she's gone AWOL.

Currently on the needles I have a green twisted-rib sock with my first short-row heel. But the heel is too pointy so if I can be bothered I might frog it and try again. I've also knitted a few rows of a drop-stitch ribbon yarn scarf (intended as an Xmas present for someone) but it's such a booooooring knit that I've stalled on it.

Gaaargh how sad am I? My new Hoover (well, Dyson, but you know what I mean) has just arrived from Amazon and I got really excited. That's extremely crap considering I don't even do my own cleaning. so now I'm off to open the box, then I must do some work.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Recent achievements...

... which only knitters will find interesting.

  1. I taught myself to knit with one colour in my right hand and one in my left. Yes, ambidextral knitting.
  2. I learnt 'magic loop'. Makes the sock process a bit quicker, just in time for Sock Wars.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Let battle commence

Sock Wars!
OMG I'm a Sock Warrior! I'm a little bit nervous about Sock Wars. I've got a feeling I'm going to get killed quite early.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Just say NO to Ikea

Me, Mr S and mum all went to Ikea at Lakeside this Sunday, much against my better judgement. I knew it was going to be off-the-scale hellish when we couldn't find a parking space for all the Shoguns with baby on board stickers. Even saw one with 'triplets on board' -- nothing like telling the world just how fertile you are. We only went for inspiration and catalogues and came home with neither. According to Mr S it was my fault he left the catalogues at the checkout because I went off to try and and buy a bottle of water, leaving him to struggle with paying for a pack of chopsticks and a photo frame.