Sunday, March 29, 2009

Four noises I can't stand

  1. Crying babies.
  2. Someone reading a magazine or newspaper and rubbing the pages together with their fingers to separate them. Just lick your damn fingers!
  3. Rustling sounds made by people, e.g. rummaging in a carrier bag. Rustling sounds made by trees or animals are fine.
  4. Eaty sounds made by people. Lip-licking, chewing, swallowing. This is why I have to have the TV or some other sound going on whilst eating. Again, animal eaty sounds are fine.

The instant I hear any of these sounds I can feel the stress hormones flooding my body. I wonder why?


Kel said...

ooh, maybe number 1 is a reminder that you haven't any babies and your biological clock is ticking ;)

Safetyfox said...

Nah, my biological clock stopped years ago. In fact I'm not sure it ever started ;-)

sarah said...

AH, I also hate mouth- noises. I wish gum could be BANNED.

archiphile said...

I'm with you on all of these. I have to add a caveat to the first though. If said baby is crying outta what one might assume to be a resonable reason (i.e. food, wet nappy, and junk like that.) But mouth noises take the cake...I hate loud chewers. It sets my teeth hairy.

Anonymous said...

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