Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting away with it

Our marriage is not one of the old-fashioned patriarchal type where I have to get Rob's permission to spend money. However, all our income goes into and comes out of one account, so it's only polite to mention it when one of us has been spending.

The thing is, Rob doesn't give a monkey's when I buy clothes. Some people's husbands get funny about it -- not mine. But whenever I buy yarn, I get 'Oh, darling!' in a slightly disapproving tone. So last time I went clothes shopping, I cam home and unloaded the bags, showing Rob each thing as I unpacked it:

Me: Look, I got a t-shirt, a jacket, jeans and a jumper for you... And this (revealing a John Lewis bag full of yarn) is a jumper for me.

Rob: Oh darling. That's yarn.

Me: No, it's a jumper. It's self-assembly.

And he couldn't really argue with that. I love Rob.


natalie said...

I love it, a self assembly jumper.
I came home with fleece recently, fully expecting my husband to be.... well, lees than impressed (the house is full to bursting with yarn). To my astonishment he was delighted, admired the raw smelly fleece, and was even more excited when I said it was for a jumper for HIM!
It just goes to show...

Safetyfox said...

Ah gotta love 'em! I think Rob would like a stinky fleece too. I guess that's a man thing.